The best football clubs from Italy

Some of the very best ever teams have come from Italy and this post will assess three of them.

During the course of the 80’s and 90’s, there was a squad from Milan than ruled the Serie A. The team was renowned for its stalwart players, especially in defence, who made the side about the most hard to play against in Europe. The club in the 90’s won every competition available and had arguably one of the best sides ever. The new AC Milan owner is attempting to revive the club’s prominence, and that is very possible with some spectacular youthful Italian footballers. The club is climbing up the Serie A table every year and they hope to reach Champions League football this season. If the team can keep hold of their fantastic young footballers, like their promising Italian goalkeeper, they will almost certainly have more success in the foreseeable future. Even though the club has not been as effective in recent years, it is still one of the most supported clubs in Italy, and it also has probably the most renowned football tops in world football.

The last Italian football team to win the top European League, is historically about the most famous clubs in the nation. They have earned every prize in Italy, and as mentioned, have won the Champions League in the last decade. The Inter Milan president will be hopeful of further European success, because they are one of the favourites to win the other European league this season. When they won the top European League, they had one of the very best coaches around the world, and just about the most prolific strikers. The team still has just about the most prolific strikers in their team, who at the same time plays for Argentina and is possibly one of the best players in the Serie A at the minute. The team has a successful history in winning silverware, but it is likewise renowned for the impressive atmosphere at their ground, which it shares with its city opponents; many people claim that their stadium has the very best atmosphere in world football.

The best current side in the Italian top division, Serie A, is a side that plays in Turin. The team has dominated the Italian domestic league for almost a whole decade, having won the league title for the last seven years; this sort of dominance is very rare in football. The club contains a few of the best Italian footballers, who the Juventus owner will hope to keep hold of. The ‘Old Lady’ as they are known, have the biggest budget in Italian football, which of course helps in dominating a league. Nevertheless, the club has been successful for an extremely long time; they have claimed the most league titles in the history of Italian football, so it is not like they have just recently bought their way to victory. Juventus is at present perhaps the most popular team from Italy, due to the players they have, specifically a new Portuguese signing who is arguably the most notable player across the world.

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